Transplants: Silver '98 Car

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If you've read about the Blue '99 car, you'll know that I bought a wrecked 2001 car as a parts car to be used as a donor to get the silver car going.

Hard hit!

This car's frame is bent and the body is being propped up. While I have an extra frame.... It was a good candidate for a donor car.

All Packed Up For Me

Tony Richards (R.I.P June 14, 2012) packed up everything very well for me. I miss that guy.

I stopped working on the cars and turned my attention to the Japanese Garden I was building in a section of the yard. I finished it the day Jessica and I were married (08-18-12). After the honeymoon in Mexico (pronounced Que Bah) I went back to Esprit work.

Ready to start the transplant

The first thing to do was to get the engine out.

Ready to move

With the engine out, I felt compelled to try out my new soda blaster from Harbor Freight.

So Clean

I like the soda blaster and the residual simply washes away with water. I then cleaned the Silver car with it.


As you can see, Larry Marsala had been meticulous in his prepping this car including (but not limted to) the mother of all roll cages, aluminum firewall with removable engine access hatch, fuel cells, Penske 3-way adjustable shocks, and large HRE wheels and tires.

Going In

New Home

Next I spent a lot of time disassembling the interior of the 2001 car and remembering how much I like small pieces of glass. The silver car had an unfettered front wiring harness but nearly everything else had to be moved over from the 2001 car.


I decided to include the air conditioning. The race car steering column and wheel were removed to better jibe with the stalk and trim but the 2001's column had compressed in the crash. Luckily, I had two brand new columns (Isuzu) purchased from After-Sales. I got the 2001's alarm moved over and the fobs sent from the previous owner.

While the original fuel pump was retained, I spent a lot of time figuring out how to route all of the necessary plumbing to the fuel cells. The first thing that stood out was that the right tank was missing a vent (makes it a little hard to fill). A fuel level sensor was also missing. I purchased a vent and a fuel level sensor (mates with the existing VDO gauge) and installed them. I then needed to get all of the fuel lines routed. Since all the distances were different, all new lines and fittings were required. After a few deliveries from Jegs, I had everything I needed with the exception of a fitting for the fuel pressure regulator.  A call to Jeff Robison (JAE) netted me an adjustable regulator with an AN fitting. I had to fabricate new placements for the sensors and charcoal filter as well. The ECU also needed to be relocated.

All plumbed

I may need to support that fuel filter better.

All plumbed left

The fuel level sensor is in the middle (not yet wired).

You may have noticed that there is no longer any room for the air cleaners. In fact, the roll cage blocks the original intake hose path to the turbos.  I customized the engine bay side panels accordingly.

Back Shaved

Front Filled (panel is from a burned car)

I took my plenum to my local paint shop and had them do a spectral color match to the red/orange. I then purchase a quart and painted and clear coated.

A Theme Begins

The silver car had no brakes so I moved them over from the 2001 car.

 AP Racing Brakes in front and Brembos in Rear

I then taught Jessica how to play the Down / Up game. Then I had her help me bleed the brakes. The clutch master was whacked so I had to move that over as well.

 Ready to Try that starter

I suddenly realized that I was close to trying to start the thing. I picked up a battery, 10 quarts of Mobile 1, coolant, more brake fluid, power steering fluid, & 5 gallons of petrol (British cars use petrol not gas). I then started putting these in the car. Larry was kind enough to remove not only the drain bolt from the radiator but also the bleed bolt from the radiator. This provided me with at least an hour of entertainment laying in anti-freeze and cursing him. Tony Richards was kind enough to cut the ends off the wrecked 2001 radiator and send them along - including the two needed drain/bleed bolts. I'll miss that guy.

I then took a shower.

With all the fluids in, I connected the battery and heard..... nothing. Could this be a bad battery??? The arc proved otherwise. A voltmeter in the cockpit between the connection on the A-pillars yielded zero volts. Hmmmmmm....

Let's look things over like perhaps a ground is off the frame? Nope. How about this big red cable behind the rear relay box? Shouldn't that be connected to the other red cable on top of the relay box??? Yes.

Connection, sound, key on, alarm interlock click, fuel pump pressurizes, turn key to start position for a sec, heard a pop, add more oil, turn to start and hold...... Started right up!

I forgot to mention that I put the 2001 cats and muffler on the blue car and put the straight pipes from the blue car on the silver car.


That's the end of this update as of January 7, 2013

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