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Sometimes, the more you decide you don't want something the easier it is to decide to drive to Costco in San Jose for cheap booze (about half the price of Oregon) and get it anyway. My friend Larry Marsala sold his original '98 car to me, which was in the midst of race preparation for a number of years, and with a bit of mixed feelings I took it back to Portland.

Stolichnaya on special!!!

The car was basically a rolling chassis without interior or brakes or an engine or a transmission and I planned on putting it aside for attention in the future but... a matching silver wing was acquired for it at Log 31 and a slightly damaged '98 parts car became available so I bought it.

Parts Car

Ok Ok ... well I hoped the engine and transmission was good but alas it seems this may have been a blown engine torch job. The frame was going to be good and the rear bumper and rear brakes and suspension etc but getting a body in this bad of shape off its frame is a pain. I looked around at the tool at my disposal and found the perfect one to make the job quick and easy.

The Tractor is Your Friend

You just never know what your John Deere is going to come in handy for.


I Ain't Got No Body

I removed the engine to find it had been tinkered with and water had got to the valves. It will need a re-build. Will do more of an assessment later. But ~$5K got me a transmission and a lot of other parts that I will need including an unbent frame, which is hard to come by.

And while the black '97 car was getting a new windshield... so did the '98 car.


That's the end of this update as of January 7, 2012

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