Lox's Red '97 Car


My friend Lox had a '97 car that overheated something fierce resulting in water in the oil. After disassembling the engine, life's hard knocks descended on Lox eventually leaving him with no means to fix the car, which was stuffed disassembled into his small garage space. Some years later when things became brighter, Lox sought to get the car back on the road so he asked me to help him out. I don't work on cars for a living or for income etc. so we made a deal that I would buy the car, fix it, and then if he liked he could buy it back.

In case you didn't know whose car it is

I picked it up in San Jose and noticed that there were a lot of parts missing, for example - most of the engine. Still, I drove (trailered) it back to Oregon, stopping off for liquid supplies just before the Oregon border.

I've decided that I will not describe the missing parts and how they became missing in detail  so as to protect the guilty. The strange thing about the story (beyond what I am not telling you about the missing parts) is that I had recently picked up a number of front end parts (radiator, cowling, underside panels etc) and it was exactly those parts that were missing. No I did not steal them and no the guy I got them from did not steal them from Lox.

I have very few pictures of this project as a result of a sickening mistaken flash drive formatting that I don't want to think about.

In the end, I bought a replacement low-mileage engine from my friend Slava the dismantler.

So the job was really to put in the new engine, oh and an ECU .....that was missing - well actually it wasn't completely missing, its cover was there but someone had put a broken ECU underneath of it - but I am not talking about this.

Anyway the "oil" that was left in the lines was similar to tar. I removed the oil coolers and got the bright idea that I could clean them out if I baked them in the oven and that's what I did - both of them and sure enough they started dripping out their "oil". I left them baking until no more drips. I then flushed the coolers with gasoline. FYI - the residue that came out hardened and would not pour when cool.

I then put in a new radiator and the re-installed oil coolers and all the lines and panels and cowls etc.

I replaced the cam belts and used my handy dandy acoustic belt tensioning device (I really think it's just a cell phone and an app boxed up).  I put in the engine and tried to start it and then found the ECU problem and so... I put in another one and the car started right up.

I sold the car back to Lox but now lox has decided to sell it. I can connect anyone who might be interested with him.

On the road again...

That's the end of this update as of December, 2017