End: Blue '99 Car


I decided to have all of the carpet in the car replaced by the local auto upholstery shop. I found a place in New York City that specialized in carpet binding and they matched up the binding that I sent them reasonably well. I gave the roll to the shop and it turned out well. Not exactly the same as factory of course - a little smoother.

Looks Good.

I repaired the burned fiberglass in the right side of the engine bay.

Ground Out



After priming it and buying the paint, I decided that I was not in the mood for painting so I took it to a local paint shop (Advantage Collision) and had them paint it. They also painted the wing.

What Fire???

All Fixed

I recharged the A/C and it now blows nice and cold. I then thoroughly cleaned and detailed the car.


Much of my time nowadays is consumed by this:

Lena 14  Months

And my daughter Lena is 52 years younger than me.

We've decided to build a new Kitchen addition on the north side of the house... along with a 3-car garageJ

As such, the '99 car is for sale!!!.

Astute observers might ask "hey guy didn't you already have a 2-car detached garage in that spot?"  and the answer would be "yes". But... during sabbatical this past summer, I moved it next to the shop.

That's the end of this update as of December 11, 2014

December 2017 Update -  I ended up selling this car to Art Baldwin who is one of the few folks that appreciated the repair of the car. He has improved the car, run into several problems, and overcome them. It's been a great car for him thus far.