End: Silver '98 Car


After a lot of thought, I decided to try and sell this car to someone who wanted to race it . Unfortunately, I could not find a buyer and resolved that the best thing to do would be to revert it back to a street car utilizing the black 2001 donor car. This was actually pretty sad as so much work had been put into the car toward race prep.

The first task was to cut out the roll cage, which was extensively integrated and had many frame attach points.

A lot of weight  and a shame to remove

The roll cage included steel in the floor pan. I also had to remove the custom firewall aluminum panels. A few inches of the body bottom tray around  the engine had been removed as well as the floor beneath the seat on both sides. I cut the same portions from the 2001 car and grafted them back.


I then re-installed the crossmember and firewall.

Back in Place


Lots of glassing on both sides around the entire perimeter. I also had to reinstall the back window plywood frame and then the window with its fiberglass frame. I then applied the heat shield (Reflect-a-cool) and insulation.

Firewall In

I had removed and sold the fuel cells but needed the fuels tanks out to complete the glassing. As such, I now had to re-install the tanks with the engine in place, which everyone one who has tried will tell you is impossible.

Will not fit

And this is true unless you are willing to put a little stress on the body. For example, by unbolting the majority of the  attachment points and then jacking up the rear.

Don't try this at home kids


This also allowed me to replace some of the interior mount plates that had been sheared off.

Convenient now...

So I got all this work done, replaced the penske shocks, bought a set of OZ Novas and had them refinished, got a new black interior, bought Honda S2000 seats for it and got the car running and moving again.

And then a funny thing happened. I got a call from a repair shop in Ohio that had a customer who had totaled their Esprit but was looking to fix it nonetheless. I offered up various options of body and frame replacements, car sales, etc but in the end made a deal to strip down this car to basically what was totaled on their customer's car and sell it to them to in effect replace what their customer was driving prior to their accident. Their car was also silver.

Bye Bye

And off it went to Ohio to be reborn. And..... it was.


All better?

I was offered to purchase the remnants or the original car but it was not worth the effort given I would have to drive to Ohio from Oregon to retrieve it.

But what is it doing in a transmission shop you ask? Well, shortly thereafter this car needed a transmission and of course, I had one and they tend to be a bit scarce nowadays. So I made a deal to sell the transmission for cash plus.... the remnants of the other car and off to Ohio I drove because now it was worth it or so I thought before I cratered my body driving almost straight both ways over like 4 days. It took three days to recover when I got back to Oregon.


What shall I do with this??? Hmmmmmm..... Well I do have a 2003 car body that is pretty much intact and a few frames....


That's the end of the Silver '98 Car saga.