Nov. '07
(November 2007)

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Another year has passed since I posted the last update on these projects. Despite few updates, I occasionally get email from folks who are looking for them. This year at the beginning of the month I received an email that basically said "OK, it's November. Where's the update?"

For the folks who are only here for the Lotus update, Not much got accomplished this year. I was able to buy / collect most of the parts needed to repair the Back '97 car. I am still looking for a left front section to keep me from making a mold. The only other work performed was removing the windshield. I also received the engine cover for the 2002 car back from Jim Knowles who saved it for me after I stupidly left it in the garage at the LOG in Birmingham.

My Father had been losing weight for no apparent reason during 2006. He came out to Oregon for a visit in September 2006 and we spent  much of the week together investigating the towns and sites in the Columbia River basin.

Dad and Me at Vista Point lookout - September 2006

Early in 2007 Dad lost his voice. After various tests it was confirmed that he had Cancer - Adenocarcinoma in his left lung at Stage 4 - metastasized to his spine and right hip. He passed away in mid April. He was my best friend.

I made a number of trips to Maryland during his illness and another to pack up and ship the contents of his garage and den to Oregon. He had a lot of stuff and the shipment filled the shop. Much of the year was spent working to organize the shop and on improvements both inside and outside the house. As a result, there was little time or space available for Lotus work. With all vacation leave exhausted, I could not make the trip to Denver for LOG as well.

I had some custom rock sculpture put in. I ran drains and had the upper patio poured.

Rock Sulpture

Rock Sculpture, Gas, and Electrical Lines going in

Patio Poured

Patio - curved area is for fire place, wooden square is hot tub position

I also poured concrete in front of the house to make the parking area more usable and for a future man-door to the left of the detached garage. I also put in a foundation wall at the front left of the house as I have decided to build an attached garage as well.

Beefy Foundation Wall

Can you see the new Garage?

I put a loft in the shop last November and got the heat pump installed and operating over Christmas. Shop is now heated and cooled.

Loft in - Heat pump air handler top center

Dad's stuff was piled high (very high) all around the shop. I spent a lot of time unpacking and arranging it and I am still arranging it. His stuff was well labeled.

Dad's stuff with the white labels

Dad Loved Labels (cable TV in the shop works as does the phone and internet)

Dad Really Loved Labels


I had a lot of stuff and Dad had a lot of stuff so now I have two of everything (maybe 3 or 4). I have been amused many times when I go to garage to get something only to find that I don't have it and Dad does.

I put a full bath in the shop (why not?) but it is not finished yet. I also put a urinal, which is fully functional, on a wall outside the bathroom - This is a *MAN's* shop.

Unfinished Bath and Functioning Urinal (electric hot water heater also from the house)


The loft is supported by a large glue lam and 2x12s on 1 foot centers. It can support very large women but I hope the need does not arise. I bought additional shelving and unpacked (finally after 3 years) a lot of the Lotus parts placing them on the shelving for easy view.

Lotus Parts Store

I put the Black '97 car in the center as this is the best place to lift the body off and removed the broken windshield. I also replaced the driver airbag. Shortly after this photo was taken, I removed the seats.

Windshield removed (view from the loft)

Blue '97 Car Waits for Attention

Fix me

Parts for the Black '97 Car have been purchased / collected and are stored by the side of the shop. I got a radiator and fan set, various under-car lines, rear bumper, right sill, duct parts, oil coolers, various lights, transmission mount, front valance from SJ Sportscars in the UK is on the way with the new oil lines as well as a number of other parts.

Parts Pile

My plans are to intersperse work on the house and the Black '97 car this next year to keep active on the Lotus work. The first task is to prepare the new frame, remove the body, and switch to the new frame.

That's the end of the update as of November 2007.



P.S. What??? You only come here see new pictures of my friend from New Zealand? I mentioned this to her and she said to show you this one from two years ago.

Shop - Unfinished because of worker strike (skin colored bathing suit)

But you might also enjoy this one.

Cool Beachwear?

More of Shelley here.

And sorry to let you all down but .... She's just a great *friend* not a "girlfriend" and yes she is single.