Nov. '06
(November 2006)

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One year has passed since I posted the last update on this project. In the past year, I have not worked on the Lotus. Because..... I have made it to 1K status on United this year and I have been working on the house and the shop. Rather than bore you with that while you are looking for reconstruction updates, I will just summarize in a few pictures. First... one year ago......

Shop Dry - Yard Mud (Fall 2005)

And now.....

Shop nearly done (Fall 2006)

A Place to Park and Drive

BMF Wall

I spent the dry season building retaining walls, pouring concrete, and getting the shop plumbing roughed in. The retaining wall blocks weigh around 1 ton each and as a result, the effort was a bit challenging. You can see full pics here.

During the hiatus from Lotus reconstruction I generally had not been looking for things Lotus related on Ebay but once in a blue moon I checked and in late August I saw this:

Buy Me - I'm Fixable

No one can fight his destiny. BUT... that is another story and it starts here.

For now, the '97 car sits in the shop waiting for bandwidth. I think that she aspires to be something unlike normal Esprits now that she has two sisters to compete with. You know young girls  ... they always want to be noticed.

Make Me Special

That's the end of the update as of November 16, 2006



What???  You want to know about the house guest from New Zealand??? Well ... I did manage to spend some time in Maui with her in September (Yes that is a Lotus hat).

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