(September 2011)

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Once again I looked at my web site and realized it has been almost two years since my last update. Last year I completed the new attached 3-car garage (24'x38' no posts) and now I can get to my car without getting wet (remember it is Portland).

The Cars have a home (finally)

The floor cost $4k

Of course there were a number of events held in the new garage through February when I started work on a new Japanese project that proved quite gratifying. I was surprised that I was even considered for the project given my age but it went very well and culminated in a merger agreement in July.


 A lot of my time has been spent on FiancÚ-directed home improvement tasks but I decided to work in a little Lotus work. I wanted to fix the damage to the bottom of the body while it was removed and easier. The car had spun down a rocky ravine and there was damage to the underside. The area beneath the driver's seat needed to be cut out and repaired.

Smacked (wood and wax paper are the fiberglass repairman's friend)


Floored (light above is shining through the repair)

I repaired several more areas under the car deciding to leave the repair glass a bit raised as I am not trying to hide the repairs and they will be stronger that way. The right sill was damaged to the point that I got another one from a wreck (not a wreck of mine) but that sill also had some damage that needed to be fixed.

Not too bad

Then with the help of the now 18 year-old Colin slave-boy, I attached the sill (rivets and PL-1 adhesive (Home Depot)).


Sill Installed

The main damage to this car is in the left front and the impact actually broke the bond of the vertical supports (wood) near the left headlamp pod to the bottom mold. I had a difficult time lifting the body off due to the loss of rigidity in this area so before putting the body back on, I wanted to start the repair in that area.


The plan was to simply remove the loose stuff, apply resin to the breaks, and press them back into position. Then later I will add more glass mat over the breaks to improve strength. I found that I could not get the pieces to fit back together and it was difficult to see why but after distorting and using the light I finally realized that a large number of rocks and debris were in the way. I cleared them out with air and stiff wire and then things fit. I drilled rivet holes to be used to clamp things together while the resin dried and had at it.

Resin Applied and rivets in

Now Rigid

I also had to glue a portion in front where the top and bottom molds separated.

No special tool required


Now.... right about this time.... I slipped (tired not drunk) and fell off this wall:

Big Wall

Of course I fell at the tallest point (about 10 feet) and landed on my two heels solidly...

Broke this foot :-(

But I hate crutches and I wanted to get the body back on so I bought this:

A tricycle for my knee!

Back in business!!! I cleaned the dust and grime off the frame and prepared the engine compartment.

Painted everything (including the fiberglass repairs) black

I also had to repair the heat shields that I ripped off when I hastily raised the body (oops). With that... It's body time!!!!



Ready to go down

Down She Goes

I got a little help from fiancÚ Jessica!

One of the toughest things with this is the routing of the power steering reservoir line from the engine back up to the reservoir as it passes through the heat shield and body side next to the fuel tank. The heater hoses up front are also a royal P.I.A. Getting the steering column to line up when in the Lotus position with a broken foot alone is also frustrating - luckily Jessica came and helped raise and lower the body a bit until it went in.

Body back on!

I spent the next day getting the body bolts back in and connecting the brake line connector plate, steering, and the pedal box. It was a bit arduous with the broken foot but in the end things all lined up. Next steps are to tighten things down and get the car running. After that I will start on the body repair and the left front repair, which will be substantial. I have not been able to find a left front section and do not want to take a mold off another car so...


This baby is getting cut! I bought this clip a few years ago at a great price and so I will use it and sell what's left.

Jessica and I are going to LOG 31 in Las Vegas in a few weeks with the 2002 car, which is now for sale and I am glad to have made some progress before then.

Buy me!

I will be glad to reduce the number of Esprits I have as I clearly have not had the time to...... ring ring ring ring.... Hello? What's that you say? For how much???!!!?! 

Oh no... It's happening again....

Race Car

It seems someone sold me a race car!  Who could that be?? Hmmmmmm....

That's the end of the update as of September 25, 2011

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