Dec 2017: Black '02 Car


The good news was that I had simply over-filled the oil like an idiot. With the oil level returned to normal the smoke was gone.

I installed a used power steering rack and replaced the rear hub carrier bearings.

The next steps after this were to...... replace nearly everything electrical including every switch and motor along with cleaning every electrical contact.

Replaced the headlamp motors.

Replaced with window lifts and relays.

Replaced the windscreen wiper motor.

Replaced the blower fan motor.

Replaced the instrument cluster.

Replaced all the console switches.

Replaced the rear lights - lenses and sockets.

Replaced the speakers and the stereo.

This means I removed the entire dash  and replaced every electronic module within it.

Below are some pics of the water-related mayhem.

I'll mention that the wiper replacement is a lot of fun with HVAC unit installed. I also used one of my few remaining HVAC servo actuators.

All Better

After this I re-installed the seats (which I had re-upholstered), got the emissions tested, got title and tags, and had the car completely detailed.


I got some nice black and tan floor mats with the lotus logo for it as well although the sound deadening underneath was not recoverable and I have not yet replaced it.

There are a number of issues left to resolve. Despite fixing the windows, the right one has ceased to work so I need to sort that out. The ABS light comes on a short time after starting since I replaced the electronics, I assume it is a sensor issue. The airbag light comes on within a few minutes as well again despite me installing new airbags and electronics. I also have an oil leak on the right side that only happens after driving - perhaps the cam cover. There is also more noise than i think it typical in the front belts so I want to replace all the idle pulleys and the tensioner and while I am at it the cam belt.

This car is my only driver (only registered on-the-road Esprit) at this time.

That's the end of this update as of December, 2017