Dec 2014: Black '02 Car

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I got the seats re-upholstered and they turned out great!

I was dreading trying to get the turbos out from under the car so I installed a two-post lift.

Looks Good

Now I can get to those turbos. If you talk to anyone that has taken the turbos off an Esprit when they have been on for a while, you will find that even with a river of PB Blaster, it is not easy. Kind of like a virtuous Catholic girl. As luck would have it, I was able to get three nuts off with the wrenches. As luck would have it, I was unable to get one nut off. I spun that round (no longer hex).

Rust Turbo Nuts

I have never had any luck with the heat the nut method because you only get one shot before the stud heats too so...

The Dremel tool is your friend. You cut as deep as you can with the cut-off disk into the nut without damaging the threads (good luck). Then once you got that slot in there you get a hammer and some kind of wedge, put on your hearing protection, ensure your gloves are thick, and start pounding on the wedge until either the nut breaks or frees up.

Turbo Off

Then all you need to do is to put the replacement turbo on.

Turbo On

And on the right side.... My luck was the same i.e. three nuts off and one nut rounded. So just reread above replacing the word "left" with the word "right".

With the turbos fixed, I tried to drive the car and found that the clutch would not disengage. With great effort, I was able to extract the transmission from what seemed like glue holding it to the clutch. With the transmission finally out, I found the pilot bearing in not so great shape.

This Pilot Crashed - seized bearing

I got a new pilot bearing from Jeff at JAE before he retired.

All New

I then replaced the flywheel and clutch using the '99 Sport 350 as a donor.

Special Tool GT-2014

I installed the clutch and re-installed the transmission. I was then able to drive the car.

It was at this point I noticed that the power steering rack was leaking big time and worse.... after a few minutes of running, the exhaust turns blue white with what seems is oil contamination. Since the turbos were just changed out, I suspect that it's oil from either the valve seals or coming up past one or more of the piston rings. Next step is to do a compression check and leak down test.

Engine Needs Work

That's the end of this update as of December 12, 2014