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This site documents the re-construction of various Lotus Esprit V8s - Adventures that have been described as both a passion and a sickness.

Last Update - December 2014 (Blue '99)


I'll start by saying that this work is my hobby (along with Home Improvement and a few other things). In other words, the work is the end - not the resultant cars. Sometimes the money and effort exceeds the car's end value but most times it does not.

The original project to put a retired 1989 Lotus Esprit race car back on the road as a passenger car started in July 2001 (and it is still in progress). That project evolved to become the repair of the 1997 Lotus Esprit V8 pictured below by replacing (not repairing) both its body and frame with parts from other donor cars.

At some point, I was consumed by the Lotus "Dark Side" and buying and fixing Esprits just became a regular part of life - Enjoy!

The '97 Car
The '97 Car - Wrecked - Totaled


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Body Work V  Paint Paint+  Assembly II  Assembly III  Assembly IV  Assembly V

Paint++  Nov_06  Nov_07 
The '02 Car
The '02 Car - Burned - Junked
  Start  Engine Repair  Body & Paint
The Black '97 Car
The Black '97 Car - Before the Ravine . . .                                                   . . . and After the Ravine
  Start  Disassembly  Frame  Body  Body II
The Silver '98 Car

The Silver '98 car

  Start  Transplants
The Blue '99 Car
The Blue '99 car
  Start End
The Red '98 Car
The Red '98 car
The Black '02 Car
The Black '02 car
Tony Grasso  

Tony Grasso used to have a web site at

It outlined many procedures and modifications that Tony made to his car. Tony has disappeared from the Lotus scene but last update I had from his website is hosted here:



Johan Hybinette  

Johan Hybinette used to have a web site at

Johan took great joy in eeking out all the performance he could from his car. His mostly ressurected website is hosted here: